Make people management simple.

When employees are coached regularly,
they grow in confidence and meet performance objectives.

The Management module makes
people management simple.

Design your own layouts

Conversations differ depending on the type of meeting. Personal welfare is covered in a one-2-one, work updates given in a team meeting, and performance discussed in appraisals, and our form designer lets you lock in the structure you want employees to follow for each of those.

If you don’t have a set structure already, choose one from our library of templates. They guide you through what should be discussed in each meeting to get the best out of your employees.

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A place to record coaching sessions so that:
  • Employees can refer back to what their coach has taught them
  • Managers can carry on seamlessly next time
  • Senior managers can quantify results to see how much coaching is taking place.

Design your own coaching layout or choose one from our library of templates.

Set targets so employees know what they’re working towards, and you can see how quickly employees reach those targets.

Choose who fills out the record; the manager, employee, or make it truly collaborative, both.

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One 2 Ones

Record the meetings that take place between an employee and their line manager.

Just like other areas of Cotillo, choose a one-2-one template, or create your own layout for employees to follow in these monthly meetings.

Cotillo’s reports will then quantify results to see how many one-2-ones have taken place, what targets were set, how long until they were met, and how the employee rated the meeting, was it as useful for them as their manager thinks?

Peer To Peer feedback

Feedback shouldn’t be hierarchical so this space is for peers to help each other develop.

People like having a space to give their colleagues a pat-on-the-back for a job well done, or an area to send constructive feedback if they spot a mistake.

Want to make sure Peer-2-Peer feedback is constructive? No problem. Cotillo can send it to managers to read first.

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Development Plans

A personal development plan encourages employees to continually develop, and keeps them engaged with their existing role so Cotillo has a dedicated area for people to log their career aspirations, what they need to do to get there, and to track how they’re performing against those goals.

Performance Reviews

Record annual appraisals, and mid-year reviews if your company does those too.

Choose a structure from our templates library which managers can follow, or create your own if you already have a structure for these meetings.

Report on how many reviews have taken place, versus how many are outstanding, so you can meet important deadlines. Further more, once reviews have taken place, export the data and amalgamate your final company-wide scores.

Team Meeting

Team meetings are a useful time to discuss team-wide matters rather than approaching each team member individually but it can be timely adding every team meeting to every team member so Cotillo lets you record the meeting once, but add it all team member’s file at the same time. Team meeting minutes are helpful for when employees want to refer back for information.

If someone was absent from a meeting, managers can let them read the contents to bring themselves up to speed, or can delay making the file visible if they’d prefer to do it in person instead.

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Keep absence records securely, and in the format you need.

Cotillo guides managers through absence policies, and tells them when to progress employees through formal management processes.

Our reports will automatically track absence levels and identify trends to save you time.

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Improvement Plans

From time to time, team members may not achieve what is expected so you can create a structured improvement plan to progressively help them get there. Improvement plans record what’s gone wrong, what can be done to help, the frequency it’ll be reviews and how long it’ll be in place.

Disciplinaries & Investigation

An area to keep formal management files.

This is where managers prepare investigations, log findings, record transcripts from disciplinary meetings, and record the outcome.

Using Cotillo to ensure managers handle cases in the same way, will help you achieve consistency for all HR matters.

Any company can be presented with an employment challenge or tribunal so it is important to have thorough documentation which is easily accessible, just in case.

File Storage

Our virtual filing cabinet is there to upload the documents you’d like to keep. These can be organised into folders so it’s easy to find them at a later date.

You choose how long to keep files available for, so you're not keeping outdated files hanging around.

Management Notes

People management involves keeping on top of a lot of things so rather than forget, this area gives you somewhere secure to make notes and attach them to an employee’s file. Managers can choose whether they’d like their employee to see the note they’ve written, or not.


With just a few clicks, managers can organise their diary by scheduling one-2-ones, coaching sessions and more, for each member of the team. Cotillo will give a little nudge if any are overdue, and it’ll also let the senior managers know. Once meetings are planned, attendees will have them added to their diary too.