Customisation is key.

We designed with flexibility in mind. From how it looks, to how it behaves,
Cotillo will tailor itself around how things are done in your company.

Cotillo can be tailored to your company. No need for IT people, our set-up wizard will guide you through.

Company Branding

Personalise Cotillo with your own company branding. It’ll be your URL, logo, colours and background image

Activity Frequency

Different companies have different ways of doing things, so Cotillo is flexible. Some hold weekly meetings, others monthly, but you specify how often activities take place in your business.

You choose the frequency of one-2-ons, coaching sessions, team meetings, annual appraisals and more, and when these activities are overdue, managers will be nudged, and senior people can be notified.

Data Retention

To comply with regulations and the new GDPR guidelines, you should have a robust data retention plan, and Cotillo can help. Upon set up, you can specify how long you would like to keep records for, and when to archive them.


Our dashboards tell you everything you want to know about your people at a glance. Are they reading communications, being coached, and meeting targets?

Individuals build their own dashboard by picking widgets from the ‘widgets library’ and as soon as they open Cotillo, they’ll be given a snapshot of the most important information without having to spend time running reports.

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