Data Security

You can rest easy knowing that your data is always safe and secure.
How is my data secured?

Data security is important, so we make sure that your data is protected by using the latest technologies.

Cotillo uses the latest cloud services from Microsoft Azure data centres that are ISO 27001 certified, and we continually review our coding frameworks and infrastructure to identify and resolve any potential vulnerabilities.

Do I still own my own data?

Yes, you own the data you store in Cotillo and are responsible for it. You will also retain the rights to any configuration you set up in Cotillo using our flexible form designer.

Cotillo allows you to define user groups so you can apply varying permissions to users to control, grant or deny access to users.

We may use anonymised versions of your data to identify and improve areas of functionality.

We will not share your data with any 3rd parties other than what is outlined in our privacy policy.

Can recover my data in the event of a disaster?

Yes, data store on a disk drive within the datacentres are regularly backed up and any databases have point in time recovery in the unlikely event of a disaster.

Can my data be mixed up with other business?

No, Cotillo uses unique identifiers to ensure data is strongly contained to the correct organisation and has strict measures in place to ensure that an organisation cannot see another's data.

Does my data leave the European Economic Area?

No, Cotillo only utilises Cloud storage and services that are based in the United Kingdom and will not transfer data outside of the European Economic Area without your explicit consent.