About Us

PrevaTech Ltd

We are dedicated to building solutions that enhance
business processes & improve productivity.

What we Do

Founded in 2016, we were originally a consultancy service for software development so have experience working with a variety of companies across different industries.

We are a company focused on developing unique solutions which support business processes, improve productivity and enhance reporting capabilities.

Our solutions provide companies with insight so they can manage their workforce more effectively.

With an understanding of different regulators, our solutions are made to empower organisations so they can extract information and use it to evidence their operational activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a single solution that provides for all your employee management needs, allowing you to capture, manage, and report on, the activities that take place with employees. We aim to provide you with insight into your business' operations so you can track which elements are going well, and which they are not.

Currently, Cotillo is made up of two modules; Communications and Management, which are available individually, or together. Our future roadmap will lead us onto three more modules; Training, Quality and Recruitment. Once all five modules are released, it will be possible for company’s to manage the entire employee lifecycle in one place.

Where we are based

Manchester is the birthplace of one of the earliest computers in history and has a growing technology industry contributing 2.9bn to the UK’s economy.

Being a central UK location with easy access to all major cities, Manchester has been our choice of location since our incorporation. We are located in Manchester city centre, at the 111 Piccadilly building.

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